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Finding Joy, Improving Self Esteem


Society in general seems to be caught in a downward spiral of low self-esteem. Everyday I see evidence of this disturbing trend and it never fails to amaze and sadden me. While I understand the causes, I just can’t understand why people have become so susceptible. Low self-esteem is a huge block toward finding joy and yet it is also one of the easiest problems to overcome. All it takes to overcome is a little bit of assertiveness and the ability to adopt the single true fact that everyone on this planet is of great worth and importance. I’ll explain.

Self-esteem is the personal belief that we have no intrinsic worth. This is a learned behavior that is gained from multiple sources. As for example a child being told she is trouble or bad. Or it can be a friend who has decided to walk a different life path and puts the blame on the other. Television, movies, advertisements…all contribute to this feeling as well by tearing us down in order to say they can “improve” us in one fashion or another. In other words (and in all cases) it is a sales pitch. Either someone is trying to make themselves feel better by tearing someone down or someone is simply trying to make money. It’s a sad state because it is all so avoidable.
As created beings, we all have a deep and intrinsic value because we all have a purpose. While many people have not figured out what their purpose is…it is there like a golden nugget waiting to be unearthed. Think about that a moment. Would any single person ever be created for absolutely no reason? Hardly. 
Our birthright is to take a prominent place in the universe. We each serve a purpose that helps others. The problem enters when we don’t serve that purpose. Perhaps we are blinded by money, health, friends, or family problems. We become so self-absorbed by these issues that we cease trying to become what we are meant to be and that intention is to become a functioning and important being in a world and universe that actually needs us.
This is a universal fact. All our contributions are as unique as we are ourselves. There is not one single person who can do what you can…at least not with your personal flair. And oh yes, you do have a personal flair. You are unique and important to every person on the planet. Since this is the case, why struggle with feelings of low self-esteem?
Each morning when you awake, remind yourself that you are special and have a valuable contribution to make even if that means you will smile at a stranger. Every action counts. Every good gesture reaps great spiritual rewards to our fellow spiritual beings. Try to realize that and your journey of finding joy will be fulfilled. Remember that there has never been, is none now, or ever will be anyone exactly like you. You have worth and your birthright as a spiritual being is to have a high self-esteem. Cling to that and your spirit will be joyful. 
Steven Morse is an author and the founder of His site, is dedicated to spreading the message of joy from a spiritual perspective. Over the years his travels around the world have given him the unique opportunity to witness joy in all its individual representations. Now he is using that knowledge in his site and invites everyone to visit. 
Currently he is giving away a free ebook called '10 Ways to Boost Your Joys'. This free book can help anyone get on the fast track to receiving joy. Drop by today and pick up a free copy of '10 Ways to Boost Your Joys'. At the very least, everyone is invited to click on over and send him an email for spiritual discussion.


Teaching Entrepreneurship To Children: Should We Do It?


Should we be teaching entrepreneurship to children? When you were a child did you ever have a stand where you sold soft drinks like sodas? Did you ever offer cakes and candy to other students at school in order to make some money?
Not everybody is bitten by the entrepreneurial bug when they are kids however. I truly believe that it's vital teaching entrepreneurship to children. The harsh realities of entering into the workforce in a difficult economy presents a lot of challenges. The alternative of being an entrepreneur and working for yourself is something that should be explained to children and young people.
Making then Aware of an Alternative 
The main thing working against our children having an entrepreneurial mindset is our education system. With only a few exceptions, most of the teaching we get from the time we are in kindergarten to the day we graduate from college is ...
* Make sure you get a good education
* Study hard and graduate with your degree
* Get a wonderful job with great additional benefits and you're set for life!
There are a number of issues with this.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with working and getting a good job with for a terrific company. A lot of people end up doing this and a some enjoy it and make a huge contribution to their company.
The real truth is that there is a HUGE portion of people who are not pleased with their jobs and are in fact totally dissatisfied. This can be due to the fact that they either do not like the work they do, who they actually work with or they may not get paid enough being just one paycheck away from being broke.
The Second problem is that it is very RARE in these modern times to find anybody that works at one specific job for more than 3 to 5 years. Switching between jobs regularly has actually become the "brand-new standard".
That's why it's so essential in teaching entrepreneurship to children and revealing to them that there is an option to having to go out into the workforce to make a living. Would it  not make more sense to instruct children about entrepreneurship and show them a that there is a very real alternative to living a life in the corporate world.
Teaching them about things like beginning their own home-business... particularly an online business. We have to remember that the younger generation now invest most of their time online nowadays. So,when they are young, why not instruct them about how to make money with a medium like the internet that they are so comfortable using.
Keeping it Real
Understanding that children these days can truly benefit from finding out how to begin their own business, how do we begin teaching them about it?
I think it's extremely important to set the right expectations early on. Having your own business can be an amazing experience, however children should be taught that it does also include hard work and dedication. This is something that children (and adults) in some cases choose to skip over.
The reality is beginning an online business has the possibility to make you a lot more money than most everyday jobs.
It's essential to offer children choices. Make them understand the benefits and challenges of working in the "Rat Race" and the alternative of working for themselves in their own business.
To be really practical we have to remember that children will regularly want to select the most simple and "Safest" method rather than something that might present a greater challenge and require a little additional effort even though in the long-term they could be much better off.
Keep Their Dreams Alive
The last thing to keep in mind is to be supportive of children who wish to start their own company. You see most children still have dreams and goals when they are young.
As time goes and life presents some obstacles to their dreams in various forms, children then start to lower their goals and become more willing to settle for mediocrity. That is unless they have someone to look up to and admire and to learn from. Be the kind of individual who motivates and supports those children to dream big and work hard to realise their ambitions.
With it becoming harder to find a good job nowadays, young children (and lots of grownups) need to be aware of the option of a home based business as a vehicle to achieve their dreams and objectives. Teaching entrepreneurship to children and assisting them in preserving their dreams can help pave a path on their journey to financial freedom and a life filled with passion. 
Merv Stevens works in Internet and Network Marketing. For tips and advice and to learn more about teaching entrepreneurship to children, go to his blog: Wealth Success Ventures. Act now and discover how average people are achieving extraordinary results online by cashing in on the DIGITAL gold rush!


How to Have Happiness in Life?


As a little child, the ultimate source of happiness for me was watching two raindrops race down my window. For reasons unknown, it would delight and excite me every time it rained and I would slide my glass window close to kick start a competition between two tiny raindrops. I would cheer for the winning drop and egg on the one left behind: that was what made me happy.
Like million others, I too silenced the child within me as I grew up. There came a time when I did not have any inclination to enjoy a bout of unseasonal rain or relish a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. Gulping down mug after mug of black coffee, I had started to equate happiness with material wealth; materialistic possessions, a better bank balance, a six figure pay check, and the latest gizmo was supposedly my ticket to happiness.
However that feeling of indescribable elation, the sheer joy that I experienced while watching raindrops race, was nowhere to be found.  Today, after having truly understood what happiness is I can simplify the clichéd word into ‘something that makes you feel warm and content inside’.
The connotation of Happiness is much wider than simply being affluent; it is being content with what you have,
 and who you are.
A person who has learned to seek happiness inwardly and who does not depend on external stimuli, tend to lead a happier, content, and stress-free life. As a perfectionist I strived to excel at every aspect of my life, without even once considering whether my life really needed any tending to the way it was.
This drive to compete, be perfect, and excel propelled me to a stressful life and before I knew it, I was suffering from acute anxiety and high blood pressure. That was my personal speed breaker.   It forced me to re-evaluate the quality of my life and the present state of my emotional being.
What went wrong? Why didn’t my coveted possessions make me feel happy? Why is that people with less than half the amount of money I have are twice as happy? Why was I happier as a kid? The reason I came up with, after a thorough introspection, was that life back then was much simpler.
We tend to complicate life as we grow up; age doesn’t really have anything to do with the complexity of it.
 Leading a simple life is within the capable means of every individual; it is simply a matter of whether one is willing to put into practice this simple way of life
I realized that the first step to making a long lasting change is to rehash my attitude. I had to change my beliefs regarding happiness, the perception of its source, and the lack thereof. Will cancelling this vacation with my family in lieu of a new contract give me more happiness or spending time with my wife frolicking around in the ocean, be my chosen definition of happiness.  This is an amazing mental exercise that I regularly undertake when I’m uncertain whether I should go with my mind or heart.
I didn’t change overnight. It took me a good couple of years to actually put things into perspective, and then review and put the correct perception into practise. I follow a few strategies or ‘exercising the perception’ as I call it to help me truly understand the worth of any matter or object in terms of felicity.
Moderation is the key
My doctor had advised me to lower my intake of salt and to simplify my way of life when I was suffering from stress and blood pressure issues. I try to use his recommendation in every area of my life, as initially I was the kind of person who lived by the mantra ‘the more the merrier’. 
For instance, I am a complete food lover but now when I go to a restaurant, I do not overstuff myself as I used to in the past. I now know that too much of this food, no matter how delicious it is, will convert happiness into suffering (and a terrible one at that).
It’s all about finding the right balance
I cannot stress upon this point enough. You, as a person are a whole package, and which is why you cannot just focus on one core area of your life: be it health, career, or relationships. I would often neglect my family and concentrate solely on work, which did make me rich but definitely not enriched or fulfilled.
I’m not saying that you do not find happiness in materialistic things. In fact, even today I am easily excited by any technological gadget that has been recently launched, but now I know where to draw the line. I know the true worth of both materialism and non-materialism and which of the two, I can renounce for the other.
Right-Size your expectations
Not just of your profit figures, but also expectations that you have of yourself and others around you. I used to expect, rather, force myself to work  long hours. Why? So that I can bag another multi-million dollar deal and to feel “accomplished”.
I was expecting way too much from my body and mind, and even from my family, who had to go days without even a hello from me. When you have irrational expectation, you start taking thing for granted by default. By compelling myself to work for longer hours, I was taking my health for granted, along with my relationships, and even maybe my life.
There is no abstruse, well-kept secret to happiness. And no matter what therapists and life coaches tell you- always remember that the foundation on which any path to happiness, is built with simplicity as the foundation. Simplify things and you will be much happier and content.
Often I hear people lament that they don’t have any reason to be happy, and that makes me cringe inwardly thinking of how I used to do the same at one point of time. Don’t wait for years to be happy, start now, start today! Here is one reason that I can give to you: if you wake up in the morning with a certainty that you can afford three meals for that day, you should be happy 
My name is Mulyadi Kurnia.  I am a practitioner of meditation and yoga and has been experiencing the benefits of the practices. Having gone through the periods of stress and anxiety myself, I know first hand of how unpleasant this experience could be.  Through this article, I intend to share my knowledge and experience on stress-related and wellness topics.  For more information on stress management and wellness tips, visit, 

The Blessings Of Forgiveness


We all have heard that it is better to forgive our enemies or those whom have done us wrongly.  I know, personally speaking, that that can be a lot harder to do than said.  The thing to remember though is that when you forgive another, you are not releasing them from their guilt or the responsibility of their actions.  
Quite the opposite is true.  When you forgive another for causing harm (or disharmony) in your life, you re actually freeing yourself so that your soul can mature and grow.  Every time you forgive someone of something or of some way they have harmed you, you are releasing the toxins of hurt, pain, guilt, helplessness etcetera and purging them out of your mind and soul.
Forgiveness is saying “I forgive you for your sins against me and mine because you are you and that's just the way you are.” (You don't know any better).  As you do this it remember, it's not between you and them, it's because it's between them and God.  The Lord frees you from the toxicity that has, up until now, contaminated your life and held you back from all the riches the Lord wants so to lavish upon you, the upright.  
Forgiveness  means accepting the fact that that person may never show remorse or apologize for all they caused you.  But for you, forgiveness will allow you the freedom to be the very best that you can be toward yourself and others, and that's what brotherly love is all about.  
Forgiveness is freedom from the bandages of hate, bitterness, and rejection.  Forgiveness allows a new clean space in your heart to grow and love mankind equally and with out judgment.  When we don't try to avenge ourselves and instead hand it over to God instead who has promised to bring us well out of those adversities even stronger than before.
God has promised us that he will make the wrongs against us right and to pay you back double for your trouble.  Leave your troubles in Gods most capable hands, showing trust in Him by forgiving others and seeing His divine favor coming into your life! 


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