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Society in general seems to be caught in a downward spiral of low self-esteem. Everyday I see evidence of this disturbing trend and it never fails to amaze and sadden me. While I understand the causes, I just can’t understand why people have become so susceptible. Low self-esteem is a huge block toward finding joy and yet it is also one of the easiest problems to overcome. All it takes to overcome is a little bit of assertiveness and the ability to adopt the single true fact that everyone on this planet is of great worth and importance. I’ll explain.

Self-esteem is the personal belief that we have no intrinsic worth. This is a learned behavior that is gained from multiple sources. As for example a child being told she is trouble or bad. Or it can be a friend who has decided to walk a different life path and puts the blame on the other. Television, movies, advertisements…all contribute to this feeling as well by tearing us down in order to say they can “improve” us in one fashion or another. In other words (and in all cases) it is a sales pitch. Either someone is trying to make themselves feel better by tearing someone down or someone is simply trying to make money. It’s a sad state because it is all so avoidable.
As created beings, we all have a deep and intrinsic value because we all have a purpose. While many people have not figured out what their purpose is…it is there like a golden nugget waiting to be unearthed. Think about that a moment. Would any single person ever be created for absolutely no reason? Hardly. 
Our birthright is to take a prominent place in the universe. We each serve a purpose that helps others. The problem enters when we don’t serve that purpose. Perhaps we are blinded by money, health, friends, or family problems. We become so self-absorbed by these issues that we cease trying to become what we are meant to be and that intention is to become a functioning and important being in a world and universe that actually needs us.
This is a universal fact. All our contributions are as unique as we are ourselves. There is not one single person who can do what you can…at least not with your personal flair. And oh yes, you do have a personal flair. You are unique and important to every person on the planet. Since this is the case, why struggle with feelings of low self-esteem?
Each morning when you awake, remind yourself that you are special and have a valuable contribution to make even if that means you will smile at a stranger. Every action counts. Every good gesture reaps great spiritual rewards to our fellow spiritual beings. Try to realize that and your journey of finding joy will be fulfilled. Remember that there has never been, is none now, or ever will be anyone exactly like you. You have worth and your birthright as a spiritual being is to have a high self-esteem. Cling to that and your spirit will be joyful. 
Steven Morse is an author and the founder of His site, is dedicated to spreading the message of joy from a spiritual perspective. Over the years his travels around the world have given him the unique opportunity to witness joy in all its individual representations. Now he is using that knowledge in his site and invites everyone to visit. 
Currently he is giving away a free ebook called '10 Ways to Boost Your Joys'. This free book can help anyone get on the fast track to receiving joy. Drop by today and pick up a free copy of '10 Ways to Boost Your Joys'. At the very least, everyone is invited to click on over and send him an email for spiritual discussion.
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