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We all have heard that it is better to forgive our enemies or those whom have done us wrongly.  I know, personally speaking, that that can be a lot harder to do than said.  The thing to remember though is that when you forgive another, you are not releasing them from their guilt or the responsibility of their actions.  
Quite the opposite is true.  When you forgive another for causing harm (or disharmony) in your life, you re actually freeing yourself so that your soul can mature and grow.  Every time you forgive someone of something or of some way they have harmed you, you are releasing the toxins of hurt, pain, guilt, helplessness etcetera and purging them out of your mind and soul.
Forgiveness is saying “I forgive you for your sins against me and mine because you are you and that's just the way you are.” (You don't know any better).  As you do this it remember, it's not between you and them, it's because it's between them and God.  The Lord frees you from the toxicity that has, up until now, contaminated your life and held you back from all the riches the Lord wants so to lavish upon you, the upright.  
Forgiveness  means accepting the fact that that person may never show remorse or apologize for all they caused you.  But for you, forgiveness will allow you the freedom to be the very best that you can be toward yourself and others, and that's what brotherly love is all about.  
Forgiveness is freedom from the bandages of hate, bitterness, and rejection.  Forgiveness allows a new clean space in your heart to grow and love mankind equally and with out judgment.  When we don't try to avenge ourselves and instead hand it over to God instead who has promised to bring us well out of those adversities even stronger than before.
God has promised us that he will make the wrongs against us right and to pay you back double for your trouble.  Leave your troubles in Gods most capable hands, showing trust in Him by forgiving others and seeing His divine favor coming into your life! 
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