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Want to be a Hit at Speed Dating?

Being in a relationship and having some romance in our lives does not come naturally to some of us, particularly with the hurried daily lives many of us lead. If you are single and have been for some time then maybe you need some help? One effective method that has proven itself in the past few years is speed dating. If you ve never tried it before then read on and see how you can be successful in landing yourself a hot date.
First impressions are important and what you wear on the night should be considered very carefully. We all like to look at beautiful people and you don t have to be drop dead gorgeous to make heads turn when you walk in the room. Good grooming will be noticed, have a haircut, trim or shave, go to the beauty salon, get a manicure and buy yourself some decent clothes. It s worth spending money as after all, you are looking for a life partner, not just taking a trip to the shops!
Just because it is a speed dating event does not mean you have to wear clothes that are too short, too tight, too flashy or tarty. You don t want people looking at you for the wrong reasons, think stylish, classic, and tasteful and you ll be fine. Mostly people will be looking at your face as you will be sitting down so go easy on the make up and trim those nostril hairs.
Maintaining eye contact is essential when conversing with people as it shows them you have nothing to hide and that you are interested in what they are saying. People like to talk about themselves and keeping eye contact will show you are a good listener. Make sure you actually listen to their answers as well, as it is a two way system and you have to think about whether you want to actually see this person again. 
 Always think about the kinds of questions you want to ask before you go to an event, it s best to be prepared as you don t want awkward silences, particularly as you only have 3 minutes to make an impression. If you sit there stuttering or muttering 'I can t think of any questions, then you won t get anyone selecting you as a date at the end of the night. Consider what questions might be interesting topics and don t forget that they are also going to be asking you about yourself so be prepared with interesting answers.
When answering their questions you need to talk about your strengths, not point out your weaknesses. You want these people to see the good and positive aspects about your character and you won t do that by letting them know you are tight with money, or that your longest relationship was only for a month! Be positive, charming and chatty and you ll be a winner. You could even go as far as preparing a few paragraphs about yourself, all positive and glowing of course. Look online for speed dating in Leeds.
Just because you only have 3 minutes doesn t mean you should only ask basic getting to know you questions, where do you live, what do you do for a living?, etc. You can start off with a few questions like this but don t be shy to ask about their ambitions and goals in life. This is a situation where everyone is looking for a possible date so it s acceptable to delve a bit deeper into people s lives than you might normally.
Portraying a confident manner can really get you noticed, even if you are a bag of nerves! Maintain eye contact; don t sit with your arms and legs crossed as this presents a barrier against your dating partner. Sit back, relax, listen, and smile.
Last of all, have a positive attitude. If you are only going 'because your friend wants company or get there take one look and decide they are all a bunch of losers then you are just wasting your time and might as well have stayed at home. People tend to grow on you, you might not instantly find them attractive but get to know their character and suddenly you realize you really like this person!

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