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One of the standing jokes among young ladies is that young men fear commitment. The truth is that just about anyone who owns a cell phone is starting to become wary of getting into a long-term arrangement. The solution to the problem of the disagreeable two-year commitment is cell phones without contracts, but that had only become a reality in recent years. With prepaid cell phones becoming more and more popular, cell phones without contracts are becoming a reality.
The biggest misconception about cell phones without contracts is that the consumer is limited in what kind of phone he can have when he chooses to go the prepaid route. That was the case many years ago when these kinds of agreements were first introduced. But with the way the technology has changed, cell phones without contracts now include the latest in smartphones and any other phone that you could want.
The way that cell phones without contracts can span the entire gambit of the smartphone industry is the use of a SIM card. This is the card that holds all of the information for your account and your phone as well. The SIM card is where your account information is loaded and where you phone numbers are saved. If you want to move your prepaid account to a new phone, you just need to move the SIM card. Since these cards are universally accepted by all phones, it is a simple and effective process.
Another great thing about cell phones without contracts is that you no longer have to worry about paying a bill every month. This can be helpful, especially in those months where you did not use your phone a lot and you cannot afford to pay the bill. If you have a two-year agreement, you are stuck paying the bill or you will be forced to face the collections consequences. With a prepaid phone, you never have to pay a monthly bill unless you need to add more minutes to your service. That can take a considerable about of pressure off your shoulders.
When you get involved in cell phones without contracts, you can have any phone you want on your account. With two-year commitments, you will have to pay hundreds of dollars to end your current agreement just to move on to something else. If you choose the prepaid option, you can simply sell your old phone and use the proceeds to help you get the newest technology. Then, thanks to your SIM card, you can move your account to the new phone with no problem.
The fear of commitment is something that every cell phone owner is starting to feel. What these consumers need to realize is that there are options and those options include prepaid cell phones. If you do not like the idea of being tied to one phone or one provider for several years, then you should take a look at the new prepaid phones and how that entire part of the cell phone business has changed. offers information regarding  no contract cell phone plans. For more on selecting the right cell phone plan for you, please shop online with us at
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